Betting Bonuses UK 2016: DON’T FORGET YOUR BONUS!

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Mr Turtle's betting bonuses

Like casino bonuses, betting bonuses are also worth their weight in real money and help to increase your chances of winning. The Internet is full of fantastic offers, risk-free bets and free gambling money for you to take advantage of. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of all the best betting bonuses.

When you start betting for the first time or at a new site, you’ll most likely receive a so-called “welcoming bonus”. These are also called first deposit bonuses or sign up bonuses.

There are many different kinds of betting bonuses. The easiest and most simple one is a risk-free bet or a free bet. In these the company guarantees you a bet which you cannot lose from. You can make the bet you want, and if you lose the company will return the money to you, so there’s nothing to lose!

Another common bonus is a deposit bonus. A deposit bonus means you’ll get a certain amount of extra money from the company to make bets with when you make a deposit. For example, if you make a deposit of £100, you’ll have £200 to start your betting with. A rather fair deal! 



Information on betting bonuses

Betting bonuses are the marketing product of betting sites and companies, and they’re used to gain new customers to their sites. They are not scams or hoaxes, more like a form of discount you could find anywhere, from travel agencies to your local Tesco’s!

These bonuses may however contain some terms and requirements which you’ll have to complete before you can withdraw the money to your bank account. This is why you should always get to know the requirements of any given bonus. No company in its right mind would simply give out free money – after all, there’s no such thing as a free meal. This is why you often have to bet your bonus money a couple of times before you can make your withdrawal. This why the requirements are often spoken of as wagering requirements.

Betting companies are also really strict about cheating, which we would never recommend anyone to do. As betting bonuses are basically money and only meant for new players, many a con-man has attempted to trick the sites with multiple accounts while trying to cheat themselves to a fortune.

Betting bonuses: Cheating and misusing

betting bonuses cheating

The most common way of cheating on bonuses is creating accounts under multiple names and addresses. The betting companies are very precise in these cases, so we recommend to stay clear of this kind of activity. Before you make your first withdrawal from a site the company may ask you for some documents (a photo of your passport, for example). This is very common and is intended to prevent cheating. Betting companies never release any info to third parties, so you don’t have to worry about the security of your information.

Another slightly rarer form of cheating is match-fixing, which is used to launder money and evade taxes. These have become big problems, even in Europe, and the authorities have had to act, another reason why checking your documents is a must for the companies.

Wagering requirements of a betting bonus

betting bonus wagering

Unlike casino bonuses, the wagering requirements of betting bonuses are relatively easy to meet. The amount of wagering is usually approximately 4-6 times the size your bonus, and after that you’ll be allowed to make a withdrawal. If it’s a risk-free bet or a free bet instead of a deposit bonus, the requirements are often even easier. It’s always worth the time of checking the terms and requirements of a bonus from the site before accepting one.

Wagering requirements mean that you must bet your bonus a couple of times before you can make a withdrawal. There are often minimum odds which are accepted in the wagering process, as to stop players from wagering on odds along the lines of 1/100. A common threshold for minimum odds accepted is 2/5.

There might be some special exceptions in the wagering requirements. For instance, some forms of games may not count in the wagering process at all. Luckily all the info on any bonus can be found on the websites. If you have any questions, most sites have a Livechat were your questions will be answered fast and thoroughly.

Choosing a betting site

If you’re completely new to the world of betting and searching for a bonus or a new site to bet at, you might wondering what a good site would be. What’s a safe choice, where I’ll enjoy myself for a long time? Where can I win the most and has the best offers? These are all good questions to ponder when choosing your first online betting site.

You will find the best choice for you with experience, and we recommend that you try as many of the sites listed as you can before you’ll know which one you’d like to settle on. Most often it’s wise for a player to take advantage of all the bonuses on offer before settling on just one site. Professional bettors also use about 3-5 sites at the same time to maximize the chances of finding the best odds.

The safest bet is to only play one site operating under the licence of the British Gambling Commission. All sites who have obtained their licence are 100% trustworthy, so you can be sure your money is safe with them.

Another good and important way of comparing betting sites is to get to know their odds and pay-out percentages. The best odds online can currently be found at Bet365 and WilliamHill. However, the odds can vary from sport to sport! It’s also worth getting to know Unibet’s and Betsafe’s sites, as their odds are also top-notch.

Betting bonuses and taxes

When people start their betting careers or playing at online casinos we often get asked the question: “what about taxes?” Luckily, we are happy to inform you that all winnings from sites operating under the licence of the Gambling Commission are completely tax-free.

It’s very important that you’re winnings are tax-free, as if you end up hitting the jackpot at an online casino you otherwise would’ve ended up paying thousands in taxes! That is why we recommend only betting on the sites on our list which are all safe and secure sites. This ensures that your money is safe from any scams or the tax-man.

In the end, it’s all down to you. You should try out all the sites listed above with small stakes before choosing your personal favourite site.

Good luck!