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Martingale – A sure-fire way to successful betting?

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For starters, we must state that we do not recommend this strategy in any shape or form: in a casino, conventional betting or even bingo. However, being one of the most common betting strategies, we’ll explain it shortly.

In Mr. Turtle’s gambling guide we go through different strategies in online casinos and betting and give tips to all players. We also recommend you check out our torough list where you can find the best upcoming betting and online casino websites including bonuses.

The Martingale strategy

Martingale’s origins can be traced to the roulette tables. It’s a very simple betting strategy, whenever you lose, you simply double the size of your original bet.

So for example, if you bet one pound on red and win, simply collect your winnings and keep betting on red until you lose. When you lose, you up your bet to two pounds. If you win, collect your money, if you lose, up the bet to four pounds.

So every time you win, collect your winnings and continue with the same bet size until you lose (1£ in our example) until you lose. When this happens, double the bet!

"In the end, it seems impossible to lose in the long run while applying this strategy."

The strategy seems fool-proof:

A 1£ bet: if you win, you win (2£-1£ = 1£) one pound. If you lose, double your bet…

A 2£ bet: if you win, you again win (4£-2£-1£ = 1£) one pound. If you lose, double the bet…

A 4£ bet: if you win, you again win (8£-7£ = 1£) one pound. If you lose, double your bet…

A 8£ bet: if you win, you yet again win (16£-15£ = 1£) one pound. If you lose, double the bet.

The list goes on and on…

In the end, it seems impossible to lose in the long run while applying this strategy.


However, there are a number of issues!

Firstly, you’ll need a huge bankroll to successfully apply this tactic! For example, if you’re playing roulette and betting only on red, it’s completely possible that 10 times in a row the ball lands on a black. Therefore you would require a bankroll of 512£ to make the strategy work. If you happen to lose the next bet you’d need 1024£ and so on…

Even with an unlimited bankroll, there is another problem: the casino betting limits. Nearly all online casinos have a betting limit, so at some point you won’t be able to post your bets anymore!

Naturally this strategy also works in conventional betting, as long as all your bets have minimum odds of 1/1. The problems are the same as in the roulette example, betting limits and the limits of your bankroll.

There is no way to predict 10, 12 or even 24 consecutive losses in a row, as each bet is always its own separate case and in no way do they correlate with each other.


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