UK bingo bonuses

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If you want to play bingo, these are the perfect bonuses to help you get started!

Bingo is a fun online game to enjoy while chatting with friends and other players. The following bonuses allow you to try out bingo easily, safely and without risk!


Bingo bonuses are easy to acquire and use; either you get one as a normal casino bonus, or in some cases it has its own bonus codes at the casino. A bingo bonus is usually like a deposit bonus, but some sites also offer bingo bonuses to their existing customers. For example, Unibet has several kinds of bingo tournaments from which you can win huge cash rewards.

Online bingos offer especially good bonuses to new players who are making their first deposit. More information on these bonuses can be found when you register at the site of your choosing.



Playing bingo online isn't any more complicated than playing it live on location. In fact, online bingo is much easier; you simply go into a game, purchase the amount of bingo tickets you want and that's that. If you're playing single bingo, the version where there are no other players, you won't even have to wait for the other players or the start of the next round. If you're playing bingo in an online bingo hall, there's usually a clock somewhere which shows the time left before the next round starts. Until that moment you can continue purchasing as many tickets as you want.

In online bingo halls you can chat with other players or the bingo caller. There are also some separate missions you can complete. The instructions for these tasks can be acquired from the bingo caller. This offers you the chance of winning small amounts of money even if your bingo card doesn't deliver as you would've wanted. In online bingo you don't have to worry about marking the numbers on your card or yelling "BINGO!" (although it is so much fun you might do it anyway) as the game does it for you. All you have to do is relax and watch the numbers and bingos roll in.


Unibet has a simple and clean bingo hall, where you can see the bingo games currently in progress and the versions of the game that can be played. This list also lets you see straight away how many players are in any given bingo room and the current size of the jackpot.

Unibet usually has at least a few bingo-themed campaigns in progress, so you'll definitely get value for your money there. Their bingo is played directly on your browser and is also available on mobile devices.



Maria Casino is an online casino especially devoted to bingo. The ladies' favourite offers several bingo rooms, weekly tournaments and amazing rewards.

At Maria's Bingo you can chat with hundreds of players from all around the world, giving you the chance of meeting and getting to know new people. This kind of bingo experience can't be found anywhere else.



Betsson is a world-wide online casino who offers one of the best bingo halls available online. You can choose whether you want to play the game alone or with other players. Either way you'll be in for a entertaining and high-class bingo experience.

Betsson offers a separate bingo deposit bonus to all of its new players.



Bingo is one of the easiest games to play both online and in real life. In the game you'll get a choice of cards that have numbers on them. Whenever you buy a card or multiple cards, the numbers on them become your lucky numbers.

When the game begins, a machine will start randomly selecting and shouting out numbers. You can see the required pattern for a bingo somewhere on your screen. Most often the first patterns for a bingo are a horizontal or vertical line of numbers across your bingo card. The next patterns can for example be two vertical or horizontal lines. The last pattern might be a fully filled bingo card. When the numbers on your card are called and form one of these patterns you have a bingo and have won the round.

The patterns you have to get on your bingo card vary from game-to-game, but online you don't have to worry about this. The game will automatically mark your numbers that are called and inform you if you get a bingo - all you have to do is sit back and enjoy the ride!