Casino Bonuses UK 2016: Get a free bonus code!

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Take advantage

When playing at an online casino, you should always take advantage of all the offers and bonuses available. Why? Simply said, the bonuses on offer are free money for you. Naturally, they always have a few terms and requirements that you must fulfill, but you shouldn’t have anything against free money being thrown at you, especially as there’s no risk of losing anything.

A common casino bonus is a first deposit bonus, which often gives you double the money you’ve deposited to play with. However, sometimes first deposit bonuses can be even more lucrative, tripling or even quadrupling your deposit! In the best case scenario, the bonus doesn’t even require you to make a deposit, meaning that you can try out the casino’s games for free.  

Read more on the pros and cons of casino bonuses, so you’ll know the things that you must take into consideration when choosing a casino bonus.

The Pros

Grow your bankroll

No matter why you play, as a past-time to relax or seriously searching for big wins, the objective of playing is always winning money. The more money you have available (the bigger your bankroll), the better your staring point is. Casino bonuses are a great way of increasing your bankroll with free money.

Try different online casinos

Casino bonuses help you in getting to know a variety of online casinos. When you open an account at a site, you’ll have a chance to use their welcoming- and casino bonuses. These joining bonuses designed for new players are always the best kind of bonuses, used by the casinos to compete for customers. Different online casinos often operate differently in comparison, and with the bonuses you have a chance to see how each site works in practice.

Customer bonuses

Besides first deposit bonuses, online casinos offer a variety of other bonuses. These bonuses are for the existing customers of the casino. These bonuses are often rewards for new deposits or activity on their site. These kinds of bonuses include existing players’ deposit bonuses, VIP-bonuses and loyalty bonuses. Online casinos also regularly have raffles, where existing customers have a chance to win money. They also hold competitions where the prizes range from money to holidays. If you don’t feel like jumping from casino to casino, you should choose your regular casino on the basis of their existing players’ bonuses.

The Cons

The terms and play-through requirements of bonuses

All bonuses come with some kinds of terms and requirements, which can always be easily found at the site offering the bonus. These requirements are designed to prevent players from cheating with the bonuses, for instance by accepting the bonus and immediately withdrawing all the money out of their account. Bonuses are designed to make players enjoy the casino for a longer time.

Bonus requirements often include a clause which states that the players must wager the amount of bonus money a certain number of times before making a withdrawal. Sometimes they also include some games which aren’t accepted in the play-through requirement process. You should always take a look at the terms and requirements of a bonus before accepting them so you can avoid any misunderstandings or surprising situations.

Don’t make hasty decisions

Don’t make hasty, even stupid decisions trying to get bonus money as fast as possible. Avoid worthless deposits and unprofitable playing. Stop and think and make your own calculations. If it looks like you’ll have to use too much money to get a bonus, try another casino. No bonus is worth hanging around at a casino that doesn’t feel right for you, there are plenty of bonus offers elsewhere.


Casino bonuses are a great way of increasing your bankroll. After all, they’re free money gifted to you by the casino. Bonuses give you the opportunity to get to know a new online casino. However, it should always be remembered not to get too excited. You should have a good balance between your expenses and the bonus money, while not forgetting that existing players can also receive bonuses.