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Gonzo's Quest

Gonzo's Quest is a Net Entertainment video slot that takes you to mystical South America. The object of the game is to find the legendary golden city of Eldorado. The game takes you back in time to the age of the conquistadors. In that time, it was common practice to go to South America in search of gold and riches.

Gonzo's Quest on mobile devices

Gonzo's Quest runs perfectly on mobile devices on all platforms. Leo Vegas in particular has one of the best mobile casinos in the business.

Jackpot / Main Prize

Gonzo's Quest doesn't have a progressive jackpot, put with multipliers the wins from the game can still rise really high.

Stakes and Payouts

Gonzo's Quest has five reels, three rows and 20 paylines. All paylines go from left to right. Unlike in traditional slots, Gonzo's Quest operates with an Avalanche-system, which means that the reels don't spin, instead falling down like an avalanche.

The specialty of Gonzo's Quest is that consecutive wins mean bigger wins. If you manage to get two wins in a row, your second win gets doubled. Three wins means that the third is tripled, while your fifth consecutive win will be quintupled! The maximum multiplier is 5x, so all wins after the fourth will be multiplied by 5.

The minimum wager for one round is £0.20 and the maximum is £200.

Payout percentage

The payout percentage on Gonzo's Quest is 96%. Some NetEnt games have even higher payout percentages, but 96% is still way over average in the online casino business.

Bonus game, wild- and scatter-features

Gonzo's Quest has a fantastic Free Fall-system! If you manage to get free spins, all wins from those free spins are tripled, and the best part is that the multiplier system also works on the free spins, except that the multipliers are also tripled!

In a nutshell: 2nd win = x6 3rd win = x9 4th win and forwards = x15!

The game also has a Wild-symbol that transforms into whatever symbol you need for a win, Free Fall-symbols included!

Free spins for Gonzo's Quest

As Gonzo's Quest is one of the most popular games in online casino history, many casino sites offer free spins for it. Free spins are a great way of getting started at an online casino without any risk involved.

Bonuses for Gonzo's Quest

Nearly all online casinos offer new players huge casino bonuses, such is the level of competition in the industry. There are many 100% deposit bonuses, with some exclusive bonuses going as high as 400%! A 100% bonus means that if you deposit £100, you'll get to start playing on the site with £200.

Rating - 5/5 Stars

Gonzo's Quest is an entertaining game and the Avalanche-system makes it stand out from other video slots in a good way. The payout percentage is above the average in online casino games and we can definitely recommend this game to everyone. Gonzo's Quest was a classic from the moment it was released and there's nothing to stop it from being a staple of online casinos for years to come!


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Bloodsuckers - the best payout percentage?

Another masterpiece from Net Entertainment, Bloodsuckers is a slot-game with a vampire theme. The game is really entertaining with fantastic graphics and animations. However, the visual aspects of the game are nothing compared to the game's payout percentage, which is an astounding 98%! This kind of payout has rarely been seen in online casino history, so you should definitely take advantage of the game while it's still available!

Bloodsuckers on mobile devices

The new Bloodsuckers is also available on mobile devices and works perfectly on all platforms. Leo Vegas' casino in particular is a top-tier online casino for mobile devices with Bloodsuckers in their selection. However, other mobile versions of Bloodsuckers at other mobile casinos work just fine as well.

Jackpot / Main Prize

Bloodsuckers doesn't have a progressive jackpot, but it's main prize is still a rather bulky one. Depending on the size of your stakes you can win up to hundreds of thousands of pounds.

Stakes and possible wins

If you've played NetEnt's games before, then Bloodsuckers' pay-lines are already familiar to you. The game is a traditional 5-reel slot with 25 pay-lines, all of which go from left to right.

The biggest wins can be achieved with the Wild-symbols, that are like jokers in card games, transforming into whatever symbol you happen to need. With five Wild-symbols you'll win 7500 coins from just one row! As there are 25 pay-lines, 5 Wild-symbols generally mean wins from other lines as well!

The smallest possible stake is £0.25, while the maximum wager for one spin is a huge £500!

Bloodsuckers payout percentage:

Bloodsuckers' payout percentage is one of the best in the history of online casinos, 98%! This is a significant advantage compared to other games.

Bonus game, wild- and scatter features

Bloodsuckers has it all! Wild-features, scatter-wins, Free Spins and an exciting bonus game.

The Wild-symbol can replace all other symbols except the Scatter- or Bonus-symbol.

At least three scatter-marks on any pay-line starts the Free Spins -feature. Three scatter-symbols gives you 10 free spins, while all wins from these free spins are multiplied by 3x.

At least three consecutive bonus-symbols on an active pay-line starts the bonus game, which takes place in an old tomb. You must search and destroy the vampires in the coffin. Each time a coffin contains a vampire the size of your win grows. If you find only bats, the bonus game ends.

The maximum win from the bonus game is huge, 20 320 coins!

Free spins for Bloodsuckers

The golden age for Bloodsuckers in online casinos is over, and there aren't many free spins on offer for the game. However, there are many enormous casino bonuses for online casinos to help you get started!

Bloodsuckers - bonuses

Many online casinos offer huge bonuses for their casinos to help you get started on the site. There are many 100% deposit bonuses, while some bonuses can be as large as 400%! A 100% deposit bonus essentially means that with a £100 deposit you'll get to start playing on the site with £200.

Rating - 5/5 Stars:

Bloodsuckers is one of the crown jewels of online casinos. A true masterstroke by Net Entertainment with a payout percentage that bows down to no one. All in all, one of the best games available in online casinos. Definitely a game worth trying out!

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The National Lottery has been a staple of British culture for many years, but it's problem is that you can't play it whenever you want. The jackpot games at online casinos are an exception to this, as you can choose when you wish to search for that elusive jackpot. In addition, there are plenty more of these jackpot games to choose from, and even better, their pay-out percentages are significantly higher than that of the National Lottery.

Online casinos like Mr. Green and Maria Casino offer jackpot games. These jackpot games are generally slots, just like the ones you could find at your local convenience store, except that the jackpots are bigger and the pay-out percentages better.

Progressive jackpot games work with the principle that the jackpot grows until somebody manages to win it. This means that the jackpots often rise up to several millions of pounds, especially in Net Entertainment's most popular games. The biggest online jackpot ever won was 14 million pounds, won at Betsson's online casino!


Scandinavian game developers Net Entertainment are one of the most famous developers in the online casino business. They have created hundreds and hundreds of games for all kinds of online casinos. Their most popular games are the progressive jackpot games, where the jackpots often rise up to several million pounds.


Hall of Gods takes you to the land of Norse gods, with Odin and Thor heavily featured. The game itself has as many as 20 pay-lines, but you can't affect the amount of pay-lines in play. The minimum wager on the game is only £0.20, meaning you can chase the jackpot while only risking a couple of pennies! The maximum wager you can make is £50.

The game has three separate jackpots, of which the largest, Mega Jackpot, has risen over 5 million pounds on occasions. This jackpot can be won if you make it to the Pick Win-bonus game and find three Mega Jackpot-shields.

In addition to the bonus game, Hall of Gods also has a freespins-feature. If you acquire three scatter-symbols on any pay-line, you'll receive ten free spins. The best part of this feature is that all wins from these free spins are tripled, increasing the chance of a big win significantly!

All jackpots can be won with any bet size, meaning that you could hit the jackpot while playing with just pennies. The pay-out percentage of this game is an astounding 95.6%, huge in terms of slots! Hall of Gods is one of the best jackpot games of all time in online casinos and we can recommend it to anyone!

Hall of Gods' jackpot is usually won just after the £3-million mark, so once it's grown near that point you'll have the best chance of hitting the jackpot! £0.20 is a small price to pay when chasing millions!

The site where the Hall of Gods-jackpot has been won the most times:


Mega Fortune has a place in the Guiness book of records because of the largest online casino jackpot ever was won from the game. One lucky gambler took home a jackpot of 14 million pounds, an impressive world record!

This fantastic jackpot-game is a NetEnt creation and can be found on many a site. The game has both a bonus game and a freespins-feature. You can unlock the bonus game by getting three bonus symbols. The bonus game features a wheel, where the further you venture towards the center, the bigger your win can be. The very center is always a jackpot worth millions, but the outer levels also have wins of tens of thousands of pounds.

Three scatter-symbols unlock free spins, where the wins are also bigger. This is due to the fact that all wins from the freespins-rounds are multiplied by 1x-5x.

The game has 25 pay-lines and the minimum wager is £0.20, meaning that while barely risking any of your own money you could win millions! The game's pay-out percentage is over 96%, way better than the one offered you by the National Lottery!

Site where the Mega Fortune-jackpot has been won the most times: Mr.Green


Mega Fortune Dreams is the widely anticipated sequel to Mega Fortune. The game is basically Mega Fortune mark 2, meaning that the game-play is very similar, with the same bonus- and freespins-features. The graphics are the only significant change from the original Mega Fortune.

Mega Fortune Dreams offers bigger wins and its jackpot is won more frequently than that of its predecessor. Otherwise the two games are very alike.

Site where the Mega Fortune Dreams jackpot has been won the most times:


Arabian Nights is a NetEnt slot-game that takes you to the legendary 10th-14th century Islamic world. The game features one of the largest jackpots available online, which has gone a long way in helping the game achieve the popularity it has now.

The jackpot on Arabian Nights once rose up to 6 million pounds. You can win the jackpot by getting 5 consecutive wild-symbols.

Arabian Night's pay-out percentage is 95.2%. It doesn't reach the heights of some jackpot games' pay-out percentages, like Bloodsuckers (98%), but is still better than the average percent of online slots, 95%.

Site where the Arabian Nights jackpot has been won the most times: Betsson



The Dark Knight is Microgaming's, or more accurately speaking Quickfire's creation. The game is based on the Batman-movie of the same name. It's definitely the most popular Microgaming jackpot-game and guarantees a chance to really win big. Most often this game's jackpot rises up to several million pounds. There is no pattern to how often the jackpot is won, but the larger your wager the better chances you have of winning it. This means that if you wish to go jackpot-hunting on this game, you should use as big a wager as your bankroll can afford.

Play The Dark Knight Here: Unibet 


Mega Moolah is an animal- and jungle-themed slot where the jackpot has risen up to 13.2 million pounds. That jackpot was won by a lucky British soldier! That kind of money must have made him think twice about serving his country on the fields of battle, but we don't blame him if he decided to lay down his weapons for a while!

Mega Moolah works perfectly well both on your mobile and browser. It has a rather popular mobile version, and is one of the oldest jackpot games of which a mobile version has even been created.

Play Mega Moolah Here: Unibet


We recommend the following sites as great places to go jackpot-hunting: Unibet, Betsson, Mr. Green and Maria Casino. All of the sites listed operate under a UK Gambling Commission licence, which guarantees safe and secure money transfers and tax-free winnings for all UK customers. All of the sites also have excellent customer service to help you with any problems that may occur at the sites. In addition, the sites also offer you great bonuses and a lot of free spins, giving you the chance to start your jackpot-hunt without risk!


The internet is full of good online casinos and especially great casino bonuses. Here are a couple of casino bonuses with free spins for the jackpot games. However, you must remember that often enough these bonuses include some kind of wagering requirements, so be sure to check them out separately at each site! 

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Arabian Nights

You've probably heard of the collection of Middle Eastern stories called One Thousand and One Nights. Arabian Nights is a Net Entertainment slot that takes you to the legendary world of Aladdin's Lamp and Sinbad. This slot-game pays tribute to these legends of the Islamic world, while also aiming to create legends of its own.

Arabian Nights has gained its popularity due to the fact that it has one of the largest jackpots available online. In the game itself you can see some classic symbols you may recognize from the stories, but the real treasure in Arabian Nights is the jackpot that could change your life overnight.

Arabian Nights on mobile devices

Arabian Nights does sadly not have a mobile version as of yet.

Jackpot / Main Prize

The jackpot of this NetEnt slot once rose to over 6 million pounds! To win the jackpot you need to get five connected wild-symbols. 

Payout sizes and stakes

Arabian Nights is a really simple slot, with five reels and ten lines from which you try and find a winning combination of symbols. Unlike many other games, you can't adjust the stakes or the worth of a coin, all you can do is choose the amount of lines you wish to play with. The price of one line is £0.50 and the maximum amount of lines you can choose is 10. The minimum wager is therefore £0.50 and the maximum £5. Naturally, we recommend that you play with the maximum amount of lines, as it increases your chances of hitting the jackpot!

The biggest payouts of the game come when you connect wild- or scimitar symbols.

The game also has a scatter-feature, which means that your win will be bigger depending on the scatter-multiplier. If you manage to get at least three scatter-symbols, you'll also be rewarded with 15 free spins! All winnings from free spins will also be tripled!

Arabian Nights payout percentage

The payout percentage of Arabian Nights is an impressive 95.2%. It's not among the very best in the business like Bloodsuckers (98.0%), but is still above the average 95% of online slots.

Free spins for Arabian Nights

It is extremely rare that there are any free spins available for Arabian Nights. However, you should take advantage of the bonuses that the online casinos that feature Arabian Nights have on offer. These bonuses offer much better value for money than free spins.

Bonuses on sites that have Arabian Nights

A lot of online casinos offer sturdy casino bonuses, offering you the chance to increase your bankroll for free. There are a lot of 100% deposit bonuses, with some bonuses being as high as 400%! In a nutshell, a 100% deposit bonus means that if you deposit £100, you'll get to start playing with a bankroll of £200.

Rating - 5/5 Stars

Arabian Nights is a NetEnt classic, 5 stars is the least we can give it!

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