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Mr. Turtle has found all the free spins on the Internet and is offering them to you! Below is the complete list of free spins on offer in online casinos for 2016, and the best part is that you can take advantage of them with no deposit required! The free spins are yours to use as soon as you’ve registered!

Free spins offered by online casinos are chances at free money for customers and should always be exploited. Competition in the betting- and casino industry is tough, meaning that customers are constantly offered better and better casino bonuses and other offers. Besides these, online casinos offer all kinds of free spins. You receive these spins when you deposit, but sometimes no deposit is required!


Information: Free spins 2016

When you start playing on a new online casino-site they nearly always offer some free spins. With these spins you can play the games without any risk! Free spins often come with some sort of play-through requirement, meaning you have to play your winnings from the free spins before you can withdraw them to your bank account. However, there are many sites that offer free spins with no play-through requirements.

Free spins with no requirements are naturally a luxury! Basically, it means that straight after you’ve used the free spins, you can get your winnings straight back to your bank account. No risk, high reward!

A huge win from free spins

Most sites offer free spins so that customers can get familiar with the site and the number of free spins with no deposit required is growing. Free spins might be your ticket to millions!

For a long time the title of largest win from an online casino was held by a student from a small town in Norway who won over 11 million euros from free spins in 2011.

The young man had just returned from a night of clubbing, and before he went to bed he decided to try out his luck on some free spins. And boy was his luck there when he needed it!

He managed to gain a small fortune from his free spins and decided to chase the jackpot even after his free spins had finished. This was definitely worth the effort, as the Norwegian youngster who hadn’t invested a single penny of his own money managed to get the largest win in online casino history.

How to exploit free spins

Acquiring free spins that require no deposit is easy. They are often offered exclusively to new players (no existing account on the site) and are usually there waiting for you after a quick registration process is completed.

We here at TurtleBet recommend that you stay away from shady, unfamiliar sites and stick to the sites and spins listed above. All of the sites listed have been thoroughly tested and deemed trustworthy and secure. All of the sites abide the law meaning that you’ll get your winnings without any hiccups on the way. However, it should be remembered that EU-law requires an identity confirmation during your first withdrawal. This process is usually easy as long as you have cell phone with a camera or a scanner at hand.

The play-through (wagering) requirements of free spins

The play-through requirements of free spins vary from site to site. Most online casinos require the standard (30-35x) wagering before you can withdraw your winnings. Luckily there are exceptions and free spins with no play-through requirements are vastly increasing, meaning an even better deal for the players. Always remember to thoroughly check the play-through requirements to avoid complications.