Gambling & casinos

The United Kingdom is the chosen land of entertainment games and gambling. There are slots and betting booths in every corner of the country, while people of all ages clearly enjoy the excitement and thrill of winning. The National Lottery is also a part of many a person’s life, while raffles and even bingo are some peoples’ cup of tea.

However, the world of gambling and entertainment is changing to favour a more digital format. This means that gambling and entertainment games are accessible wherever and whenever you want. The options of playing online have driven everyone to the internet, where all forms of playing are available 24/7.

You’d think that it’d be the younger population who are at the forefront of this revolution, but surprisingly this is not the case. It seems that middle-aged and older people have found their way online, which is why the industry is now focusing on a more digital and modern format.

The selection of games online is wider than it has ever been, and with simple money transferring options and around the clock customer support we’re living in a golden age of online gambling. The games are nowadays controlled by huge corporations such as Unibet and the Betsson Group, which means that there remains very little risk for customers to fall for hoaxes and cons. The fantastic casino bonuses the sites offer have translated to more and more UK customer favouring online gambling.


The web- and mobile casinos are flooded with people as we speak. Normal lotteries and games can’t help but fall behind, as the internet offers the chance to become a millionaire any second while only risking a couple of cents! Most online casinos feature jackpot-games Mega Moolah and The Dark Knight, where you can win over 9 million pounds with a single spin! It’s no wonder that people want such an opportunity more often than once every couple of days. 

Mega Fortune, Mega Fortune Dreams and the Hall of Gods all contain a chance to win several millions of pounds with less than a pound of your own money at risk! Even the super-popular National Lottery can’t compete with such an onslaught of opportunities to win millions with every spin.


Well then. where can these jackpots be found? The answer is everywhere! The world’s most popular online casinos like Guts, Unibet, Mr. Green and Betsson are all offering big wins from £10 000 up to tens of millions of pounds. In addition to the big players in the business, there are a countless number of smaller sites and online casinos where huge jackpots can be found.

In addition, online casinos offer free money for their site so that anybody can try out their site without risk and get to know the games. All the bingos, kenos, casinos and betting services also work perfectly on your mobile, meaning that you can play while on holiday abroad or even on the bus when going to work!

Playing cards when on a trip is a dying tradition, as smart phones offer a chance to get your hands on millions even when on the road. Poker is also losing popularity, as the gruelling, slow and tactical game doesn’t offer the same thrills as the fast and exciting online slots.


Besides the slots, online casinos also offer the chance to play the more traditional live casino games, such as blackjack, roulette, red dog and baccarat. Added to the virtual casino games, some sites like offer players a chance to play at a live casino from home, with a video feed showing the cards or roulette spinning live from their own, real casino.


Scratchcards were born in the USA in the 1970’s and quickly spread into Europe. In the UK their popularity grew fast and scratchcards have been a big part of the gambling culture ever since. Online scratchcards started to surface at the start of the millennia, and due to their higher pay-out percentage they are now ousting their physical counterparts from the market.

The internet is home to countless scratchcards, with many of them offering a big win of over a million pounds.


Bingo’s origins lie in 16th century Italy, where it evolved from a form of Lotto. The game developed slowly, but eventually it reached the States and got its famous name, “BINGO!” This led to the game taking over the whole of the Western world. However, in the 1990’s bingo’s popularity sky-rocketed, as online bingos saw the light of day for the first time.

Bingo is often viewed as the game for old and retired people, where the winner gets a fruit basket at the end of the day. Bingo is so much more than that. The game is extremely popular especially in the female community, although the reason for that remains a mystery. Online bingos have top prizes of hundreds of thousands of pounds, and with the game only costing a maximum of a pound per round, it’s an easy game to try out.

Like casinos, all online bingos work great on your mobile device or tablet and don’t require nearly any knowledge of technology to use. The bottom line of bingo is entertainment, but they also offer huge wins. As it’s so cheap to play, it offers great value for money, both in terms of entertainment and potential winnings.

Another reason why bingo became popular is its social aspect. People went to play bingo to have fun and chat with friends. This also possible in online bingo halls, where you can chat with friends and other players and cover recent news and gossip.


Keno-playing or “kenoing” is also making its way online. A lot of sites offer huge keno jackpots 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Online kenos also have far superior pay-out percentages compared to conventional kenos.


Online casinos have come here to stay. Mobile playing in particular has grown in popularity around the globe. Everybody is playing online now: men and women, old and young.

Online casinos, bingos, kenos, slots and all manner of online gambling sites also have the advantage of giving out bonuses and campaigns to keep the customers excited. Many casinos offer players the chance of trying their site out for free, and when you make a deposit nearly all the sites give some extra bonus money.

With countless possibilities and very little risk, online gambling has become a permanent aspect of gambling. All people who play should play online, where you can find the best bonuses, offers and biggest jackpots!