An Idiot's Guide to Bethard's Fantasy Sports

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Bethard casino is one casino that's very much an innovator in the sports betting industry and it has proven this once again, with its latest product, Bethard Fantasy Sports!

Never heard of Fantasy Sports? Well, it's one of the newest things to hit the online betting community, but it will change the way you enjoy sports betting forever!

Essentially, Fantasy Sports will spice up your weekend's sporting action, get you more involved than ever before and win you some cash along the way too.

If this sounds like something that might tickle your fancy, read on, as we have the one guide you need to understand how it works and get started today!

How Does Bethard's Fantasy Sports Work?

Have you ever played fantasy league with a couple of mates, whereby you pick the team and each week you count the points acquired by your players in real life then, at the end of the season, the winner takes home a prize pool?

Well, then you're halfway to understanding how Fantasy Sports works, as it's almost identical to this.

The only difference is there are loads more options to get involved in at Bethard's Fantasy Sports, it gives you the opportunity to play against people across the world, and the payouts, if you come top of the pile are a whole lot more.

Getting Started

To get started you'll have to sign up at Bethard and then access the Fantasy Sports section of their site. Here you'll see a number of different tournaments or leagues to enter. When you enter one, you'll then be given a budget with which you can pick your team.

What Can I Play?

If you opt for leagues, you'll be in for the long haul and you'll be competing week in, week out for a total prize pool at the end of the season.

If you opt for tournaments, your team will only be active for the duration of the tournament, which can vary in length. At the end of the tournament, you'll be paid out on the following Monday, if your team was the victor.

How are Points Decided?

There will be various leagues and tournaments on offer from real sporting associations and the players you can select will depend on the league or association you choose to join. The points your players in your team gain will reflect their real-life performances in their respected leagues.

Can I Change My Team?

If you're playing a season-long tournament, then yes.

You'll be given four substitutes, one for each position which you can use to switch players on or off the pitch, reflective of their performance or form. You also have the option to transfer players, with free transfers (one per week, or two if you don't use it the week prior), or you can sacrifice points to make transfers. The cost of the players will be reflective of their popularity with other players.

Can I Make My Own Leagues?

Yes, you can make your league where people across the world can join, or make a league where you and your friends can play and test your managerial skills against one another.

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