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What the actual f*ck??!!

Pardon my French, but that is the only question that can be asked when reading about this news. We have seen a lot of insane betting slips in our time that defy the laws of statistics and physics, but this has to be the craziest one yet.

The story started a week ago in Coventry, when one lucky punter created a multiplier with huge potential - with a wager of just £0.25 the man would stand to win 205,000.00 pounds!

Of course, he ended up winning his 11-bet accumulator, while all of the bets on his slip were: "Over 2,5 goals and a certain team wins. The accumulator included games from both the World Cup Qualifiers and fixtures from English lower league football.

In an incredible turn of events everything went as he had predicted, and the champagne was out thanks to a wager worth just a quarter of a pound!

The winning multiplier included the following bets:

France to beat Sweden and over 2.5 goals: Result 2-1

The Czech Republic to beat Norway and over 2.5 goals: Result 2-1

Northern Ireland to beat Azerbaijan and over 2.5 goals: Result 2-1

Denmark to beat Kazakhstan and over 2.5 goals: Result 4-1

Millwall to beat Bristol Rovers and over 2.5 goals: Result 4-0

Port Vale to beat Fleetwood Town and over 2.5 goals: Result 2-1

Blackpool to beat Notts County and over 2.5 goals: Result 4-0

Here is the slip in its entirety, although the picture is a bit unclear:

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