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This list of poker bonuses contains all of our recommended bonuses that are offered by first-rate and trust-worthy sites.

All bonuses on the list have to be claimed from the links below and don't forget to put in your bonus code if one is required!



In terms of good poker bonuses, size matters. The bigger the bonus, the better it is. Some sites offer bonuses that can be up to several thousands of pounds.

Poker bonuses are often listed as percentages in relation to your first deposit, while there's also often a limit to the bonus in terms of how much you deposit. 

A typical poker bonus could be "100% up to £200". This poker site therefore offers you a bonus that is 100% the size of your deposit, but only up to £200. Another way that poker bonuses work is via rake, which means that you unlock a certain amount of the bonus once you've raked enough money or poker points.

Another thing to note is that bonus money can rarely be received for free without any conditions, although some adverts could give reason for making that kind of assumptions. To claim ownership of the bonus money you'll often have to meet the requirements of the bonus.

These requirements vary from site-to-site. On some sites completing the requirements of a bonus may not need any second thought at all and can be relatively easy, while on some sites you might really have to concentrate in order to complete them. 

The terms of a bonus are often correlated to the points a player collects. When you collect points the bonus money will be added to your account, for example £10/100 points. The way of collecting these points is different on each site, just like the sizes of withdrawals you can make to your account from the bonus account and other details.



Most poker bonuses are designed for cash-game players. That is why tournament players should always carefully look over the details of any bonus they're about to claim, as it might not be suited for them at all. All additional information on any bonus can be found on the site offering the bonus.



Reload bonuses are bonuses that online poker sites give to their existing players. Typically all online poker rooms offer new players a first deposit bonus that is claimed when registering on a site and making your first deposit.

The reload bonuses are unlike first deposits in that they may vary drastically on different sites. Luckily, usually most sites have rather similar reload bonuses.

Below is a summary of the most common ways online poker sites reward their existing customers.

At first glance it would seem that the worst places to play poker online would be those that don't offer any reloading bonuses. These sites usually only offer a first deposit bonus, after which there are no additional bonuses, except in special circumstances.

The lack of reload bonuses is a shame, but these sites generally attract more recreational players compared to pros than other sites do. This means that skilled players can make a profit on these sites much more easily than at other sites.



Most of the online poker rooms offer reload bonuses that fall into this category. The reload bonuses appear at random and are advertised heavily on the site and social media.

Some sites send you email in relation to the bonuses, so you should definitely check yours every now and again or you might lose out on some value!

Like first deposit bonuses, reload bonuses are typically connected to the size of your deposit by a percentage: for example, if you deposit £400, a 25% reload bonus will give you £100 in bonus money.

The bonus money will be put in your bonus account, from which it will be moved to your regular account in chunks or all at the same time. This is achieved by completing the amount of raked hands explained in the terms and conditions of the bonus.



The favourite reload bonuses from the players perspectives are the regular reload bonuses. These usually can be acquired when you make your first deposit of the month. In these cases it's definitely worthwhile to make a deposit, even if your bankroll wouldn't necessarily need it!



Reload bonuses are a great thing, but it should be remembered that the sites that don't offer reload bonuses are often full of recreational players that can be taken advantage of.

More often it's better value for money to pick a site where the general skill level of play is weaker than at a site that offers better reloading bonuses.



Searching for bonuses and free money isn't always a good thing. If you have to play at a level too high for you to complete the requirements of a bonus, you could lose all of your bonus money before you've even managed to claim any of it - poker is an unforgiving game. Remember to always check the terms and requirements of any bonus before accepting it!

Despite this, poker bonuses are definitely a positive thing. Online poker sites offer you these to separate themselves from the competition, which is fierce in this business. By taking a careful look all players can find a bonus that is suited for their needs and bankroll the best. In these cases poker bonuses are pure value and help tremendously in getting you started on a site. Poker bonuses can be especially helpful for players who are starting off with a small bankroll. Bonuses can also make players that are currently breaking even get on the winning side of the game.