VIDEO: WTF!? Ronaldo Throws Journalist’s Microphone Into A Lake!

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Cristiano Ronaldo has struggled in the Euro 2016 as he has already missed a number of great scoring changes in both of Portugal's first two group stage matches. 

And now Portugal must beat the group leader Hungary in order to reach the last 16 so the pressure is on for the Real Madrid star.

Ronaldo knows that he has to deliver in tonight's match against Hungary and clearly he doesn't take that game lightly.

The Portuguese superstar didn't take a kind approach to a question from a CMTV reporter during teams morning walk around the city of Lyon. The reporter asked if Ronaldo was ready for tonight's game but instead of answering Ronaldo grabbed the reporter's mic and threw it into a nearby lake!

Ronaldo has spoken publicly about his dislike for CMTV channel because the channel has made up several bad stories about Ronaldo and the Portugal national team during the years.

Seems like Ronaldo hasn't forgot about this.

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